20 food name ideas for a nautical party

One little detail of planning a party is made-up food names for your buffet labels. It adds extra wittiness to your party that your guests will love. Use the nautical-themed food tent cards for a wholesome nautical look.

In my nautical food tent card templates, which you can find here and here, I used pretty regular nautical-themed food names such as “Catch of the Day”, “Crab Legs”, “Ocean Water”, and “Fish n’ Chips”. In the newest nautical party theme that I just launched, I also added “Driftwood” and “Seaweed Dip” as part of the template that you can edit out yourself. You can find the said food tent card here.

Here I listed the best 20 food names ideas that you can use if you’re planning a Nautical party:

  1. Ahoy Avocado Dip
  2. Seaworthy Salsa
  3. Sailor’s Sliders
  4. Buoy Burgers
  5. Shrimp Ahoy Skewers
  6. High Seas Hummus
  7. Anchors Aweigh Appetizers
  8. Captain’s Crab Cakes
  9. Oceanic Onion Rings
  10. Fisherman’s Fritters
  11. Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips
  12. Seafaring Sausage Rolls
  13. Lobster Roll-Ups
  14. Maritime Meatballs
  15. Seashell Pasta Salad
  16. Saltwater Taffy
  17. Captain’s Catch Chowder
  18. Nautical Nibbles Platter
  19. Coastal Crab Dip
  20. Salty Sea Dog Hot Dogs

You don’t have to invent whole new recipes to use these names, but thematic names can make the most regular party food sound more wholesome.

Do you have fun and quirky ideas for the nautical-themed buffet? Let me know in the comment below!


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