Beauty and The Beast Party

Back in circa 2007, I was on a holiday trip with my sister, and we took several buses to Kinokuniya, just to get myself a copy of a Beauty and The Beast pop-up book. It was created by Robert Sabuda, a children’s pop-up book artist, and paper engineer. I was enthralled holding the book, waiting for the cashier lady to take some chunk off of my holiday budget.

To honor this little memory of mine, I decided to create Beauty and The Beast theme as my product line. I stick to the original short version that was published back in 1740 by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve.

Designing this theme, I limit myself to 4 major components:

The Beast Castle

The Beast Castle is a large part of the story. Everything started when Beauty’s father sneaked inside it and stole a rose from its garden.

The castle I made, was a mix of a sandcastle and an old castle in French.

I started with watercolor and finalized everything digitally.

The Enchantress

My initial drawing

I felt that it’s a bit off from the style I wanted to achieve for this theme, so I re-designed it digitally. But the drawing was a great study to create a character.


The Beast

My version of Beast is a mix of a tiger and a goat.

I also made a version of him as a prince.

He didn’t make it to the party kit, but maybe in the future related project. ????


She is wearing the magical ring the Beast gave her. Her expression is how I imagine when she found Beast dying.


If you’re interested to see how they all turned out. You can check out the party printable kit that you can download. I also printed out fabric and sewed scrunchies from it.

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