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  • Swan and Roses Enamel Mug


    Featuring my hand illustration of beautiful swans and roses This illustrated enamel mug is a beautiful camping and decoration piece. Looks vintage, classic, and chic. This gorgeous mug will make a great gift for Mother’s Day, Easter, Birthday, etc. Sturdy and stylish cup, perfect for coffee, tea, or even hot cocoa on the hiking /…

  • Beauty and The Beast – Enamel Camping Mug ??


    Villeneuve / Brothers Grimm Children Book Fairy Tale illustrated mug

  • Animal Friends – Enamel Camping Mug With Silver Rim ??


    Bright and colorful illustrated mug featuring animal friends: lion, elephant, and monkey

  • Carnival Horses – Enamel Camping Mug With Silver Rim ??


    These beautiful carousel horses will remind you of a spinning colorful merry-go-round and all the fun at the carnival / circus / theme park.

  • Halloween Enamel Mug | Silver Rim ??


    It’s Halloween night, Jack and his ghost friend promised each other to check the strangest-looking house in their neighborhood.

  • Mermaid Enamel Mug | Silver Rim ??


    Splish-splash, make waves with mermaid friends!

  • Sold out!

    Mermaid Enamel Mug – Black Rim ??



    Beautiful enamel mug with my illustration: Mesmerizing Mermaids

    ► Capacity 330 ml
    ► 7.5 cm height
    ► Diameter 9 cm
    ► Care: Handwash
    ► Weight 132 gram
    ► Box included

    “Mesmerizing Mermaids” theme and all its product line is original work © Popobell Studio

    This product is shipped from Jakarta, Indonesia.

    If you are a US & International buyer, I offer this similar mug (with silver rim) that will be shipped from my fulfillment in the US.

    Cheaper shipping cost and lesser carbon footprint.

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