Please support our ideas and hours of work by creating the designs by following:

•• You may print the printable design as long as it is for your own party or your own children.
•• You may not pass / transfer / copy / distribute our files to your family, friends, neighbor or anyone.
•• You may not resell our design as is.
•• You may not sell our designs as a graphic resources (like stock sites, scraps kits)
•• You may not copy our graphic and claim them as your own
•• You may not give away our design as freebies.
•• You must share a link to our store if you are using/posting any of our designs.

♥ Popobell’s designs & illustrations can not be manufactured, distributed, altered, edited, copied, sold, shared or used commercially in any way without our written permission. Selling of our digital files or as the finished printed items for any purpose is strictly prohibited and will be fined certain amount of money exacted as a penalty.