Can you change the colors/size/fonts/layout?

Any colors/size/fonts/layout change request may result in an additional fee. Please contact us before making the purchase.


How long will it take to receive the product I purchased?

►Instant Downloads:
Your digital file will be available to download right away after purchase.

►Made-to-order Downloads:
Your personalized files will be emailed to your registered email address within 24 hours after purchase.

►Physical Products:
The processing time to prepare the product you ordered is 2-5 business days. Once it is handed to the shipping company, the estimated delivery times are within 1-7 weeks. Each order will be provided with tracking numbers for you to know the status of your shipment. NB: There may be delays approaching the holiday season in the US. Please order ahead of time.


Can you create a new party theme for me?

For personal creative services, please send an inquiry here.


Why haven’t I received my order yet?

If you ordered physical goods, a tracking number will be provided to let you know the status of your shipment.

If you didn’t find a tracking number, please kindly check the product title & description again to make sure of the type of product you ordered. The product you ordered might not a physical product to be shipped to your home address, but a digital file. You can find your digital files orders in your account in this website.


I don’t have a printer and have no idea where to print it, can you recommend a place that would print this for me?

Yes, we can look for printing services near your area and send some suggestions for you.

Our shop is also partnered with an online print company called Prints Of Love which offers free shipping for US buyers. International shipping is also available. Their customer service can guide you through the process. Visit them from this link: