Popobell Gold Commercial Use License | No Credit Required | For up to 200 uses | Clipart Set | Single Printable File




► If you’re an event planner who wishes to use our party printables for your client’s event or you are a designer/business owner who wishes to use our cliparts for your business, please purchase this license after you purchase the design file.

► This license will give you up to 200 commercial uses for 1 product/1 single printable/1 clipart set

► If you purchase a printable set (like a party kit), please input the quantity to match the total item included in the package

► If you plan to manufacture my design for more than 200 copies/uses, please contact me for different price plans.

► You are not required to credit Popobell or link back to my shop so you can keep your source private.

► You will not receive a document from this license purchase. The receipt acts as the license. So, please keep records of the transaction in emails and your transaction receipt as proof of your license.

► This license does not permit you to sell the files, claim the files as your own, upload the files on websites as downloadables, upload the files as graphic resources (such as canva or any other editable format) or upload the file to the print-on-demand company (POD) or any third-party fulfillment companies.

► Failure to comply can result in copyright violation and legal pursuit. Your business may be shut down for violating copyright.

► None of our license options transfer copyright. Copyrights remain with Popobell at all times.

► Check all available licenses here